I like to knit.


I taught myself to knit in 2001.

I haven’t made a sweater yet.  I’m afraid of large garments.  Or, more likely, I’m afraid of how much money it costs to buy the yarn for the large garment.

No, I will not make you a scarf.  See above. And, it takes a super long time to make scarves.  I get bored.

I like to make mittens.

I Highly Recommend this pattern for versatile and flash mittens.

Glitter as a force for good:  we knit scarves for local women’s shelters this year.

The mitten yarn is from the yarn riot.  And, I traded some of it with Linda so I have slick red multi yarn!

1/6/03. (I’m making some mittens for daddy-o for Christmas.  Yes, it’s after Christmas now.  But I wrapped up my finished mitten, and a ball of super fancy Italian yarn also from the yarn riot, and labeled one “Kari’s Mitten” and the other “Daddy’s Mitten” and stuck them both in a package.  I’ll post a picture of that soon.  The yarn is so very flash – all bright colors.)


Also to post soon: kitty hat, stripy hats, and Maggie’s fancy fancy lacey scarf that may never see completion.

FINISHED! Daddy-o’s Mittens:



So, it took a very long time. But I proudly presented the mittens just before xmas of 2003



You can see the scale of the mittens when compared to my mittens and my own size 10 feet!

Also presented: Maggie’s Scarf!


(I mailed these wrapped before Christmas with a note to open right away. For some reason they weren’t so it seemed like Dad and Maggie really made out on xmas morning.)


You can see the colors of the scarf here. I used a rayon/silk blend because Maggie is allergic to wool.

This scarf was a beast! In all honesty, once I got started it wasn’t hard to knit at all. My downfall was setting it aside for months at a time and then being reluctant to pick up and knit again because I didn’t remember where I was in the pattern.


It ended up measuring nearly 5 feet long, I think it was knit on number 4 needles. The pattern is called “crest of the wave.”

A big xmas hit for 2003:

Knitty’s Voodoo Wrist Warmers.





These knit up so fast, and I just love them. Ones on right are for mom, on left for Rachel. I made a beautiful pair for Michelle too, from bright purple yarn. Some for me are on the list!



Cutest Hat Ever:




The Olive Bobbles Hat

The nephew and his Christmas hat. The bobbles nearly killed me. But it was totally worth it. Isn’t this kid so Gerber? (2003)


(I’ll tell you the truth. I meant this hat for me, but I didn’t check my gauge and the hat turned out exactly right for a largish 4-year old. Oh, maybe next year.)


Still hard at work on: things for babies. In the queue: a knit skirt, a sweater (gasp!), finishing the fingerless gloves for the beau (xmas 2003. le sigh. Bad habits are hard habits to break.) And sadness, I lost my mittens. Poor kitten. Now I have to make some more!

Last Updated 04/04/04