I am 26 years old.

I have red hair.

I am tall. I donít feel tall, because my father and brother are extra very tall, and my mother is also tall.But I still have a bizarro love/hate reaction to women taller than I am.






I live and study in Pittsburgh.

I moved from NYC this year to a neighborhood with a name that reminds me of farts.

I live with Michelle, with whom I have lived for 8 years Ė one of the few college roommate success stories Iíve ever heard.




I love sustainable design, but I canít decide if itís better kept as a fun hobby, or if I should make it a career at the risk of it becoming non-fun.



So now I study the ubiquitous Environmental Engineering Masters Degree.

And I enjoy it immensely.


I used to work as an environmental engineer. Ask me about hazardous waste.I dare you.




I grew up in Tennessee, and then upstate New York. I moved to NYC and lived there for 8 years, four of which spent in the charismatically named Spanish Harlem.



I still say yíall, but my southern family still calls me a yankee sometimes.


My family lives in upstate New York.


Theyíre very good about giving me their old and discarded cars, so I can go visit them easily. And also, get around in Pittsburgh. Good thing, that!


I have a brother and a nephew, and two stepsisters and a stepbrother

I have been told alternately that I flirt, and also, that itís just plain old southern charm.



I have a beau. His name is Matt. I moved away from him when I left NYC. He says 6 hours isnít that far a drive when you have a book on tape. I choose to believe him.


Also, he gets along really well with my brother. I am very happy about that.


They might be such good friends because Matt is a year younger than my little brother.



Misc:I have a black belt in tae kwon do.I knit.I try to spin my own yarn.I read voraciously and indiscriminately. I have a sewing machine, and I dream of making my own clothes.I drink margaritas, gin, and cheap wine, but not at the same time.